Many in the Western Hemisphere have set their moral compasses on Christian values. That way of life we once enjoyed is under siege by radical ideologies steeped in socialistic theories, unsophisticated and unsound as they may be, have an army of supporters behind them who in their terms are pursuing racial and social justice, often claiming to be victims themselves of an unjust system. These make up part of what has been affably termed “the woke culture”. Anyone not sympathetic to their causes are considered outcasts and not welcomed nor tolerated; yet they purport to protect and promote every point of life that they feel are important to them. They contend that human relationships should not be subject to a Judaeo-Christian code of ethics and in doing so advocate homosexuality, pornography, polygamy, and transgenderism; these, they feel, should be defended and allowed in our society. They champion permissiveness regardless of how immoral it may be. Failure to observe right standards (ten commandments) that gives support to biblical based behaviour will ultimately end in degradation which is what we are seeing today. Mankind cannot expect anything good to result if they continue to repudiate God’s laws and substitute immoral standards in its place. This is going to happen whenever God’s authority is disregarded, and men view themselves as the law of the land. The Bible teaches us that man is a sinner and lost without a Savior, and that God is sovereign over all. In the appointed time, God will, in dramatic fashion, drastically change everything we now know and accept. The Scriptures depicts this change in the following way:

Hebrews: 12:26, 27

“At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, Yet once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens. This phrase, yet once more, indicates the removal of things that are shaken – that is, things that cannot be shaken may remain.”

While impending changes to our universe and everything in it makes reference to the end of the age, it also means the beginning of eternity. For us to turn a deaf ear to God about His right to rule over His creation denies both His authority and His last warnings about what things are still to come. A cavalier attitude which says “We’ll find out sooner or later what’s going on, and we needn’t worry about it now” is regretful and unwise. Better to recognize the urgency of the moment, that your fate is in His hands, and that you must pay attention to His Words and make preparation now before it becomes too late.

Hebrews 13:1-3

As for believers, what they can do to prepare others for the coming Kingdom is given to us in the command to love others (v. 1). We are to love not only the Brethren, those who share a common faith in Christ as Savior, but those less fortunate than ourselves. We are commanded to show hospitality to strangers and to visit those in prison (vv. 2-3). In the first century, the only meals prisoners would receive often enough were brought in from outside. Regarding nuptial love, husband and wife were to remain faithful to one another (v. 4). Finally, the believer was to keep his life free from the love of money and be content with what he had.  God is to be our provider and we are to trust Him for our daily provisions and protection. He is our help in time of need (vv. 5-6).

Are you ready for that moment in time when Christ returns followed by Judgment and the dawn of eternity? Think of how the creation of a new earth and heaven will be, by comparison, even more amazing than God’s original design in Eden. No injustices, lies, or sinning ever again in heaven (Rev. 21:4). Everything will be perfect and remain that way forever. You can be ready for that coming time by trusting in Christ for the forgiveness of your sins and leave behind your old life with its sinful habits to start a new one in the Lord. This happens when you have experienced the saving grace of Christ. Recognize that this world is only temporary, afterwards an eternal one awaits, either spent in a place of fire and punishment, or a place of worship and peace. Where will you spend your eternity? There remains a far better place. Will you be there?

“For here we have no lasting city, but we seek a city that is to come.” Heb. 13:14

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