The team from Brazil won gold against Spain. If you were watching the game, it was a nail-bitter for sure. If you ever played, the game of soccer is not as you would say, “a walk in the park”. You put lots of mileage on during a game, just over 11 kilometers, which inside a 90-minute game stretches out to running several 13-minute miles several times over. Just try keeping up to that pace! The heart rate will range from 150 – 170 beats per minute during sudden sprints. Scrumming for command of the ball and jostling for positioning demands great strength and conditioning. Not to be outdone by their counterpart, the female squad undergoes similar physiological stress. While this is so, it is for good reason that the Olympic teams have been organized according to their respected genders, and it has been this way since the Olympics began back in 1896. Recently though, the time-honored code of ethics for fair play, which the Olympic games had stood for, has been pitched. Nowadays, female and male categories do not seem to matter anymore. The absurd notion that all you need to do is simply deem yourself as something other than what your birth sex indicated, when the doctor held you up and declared for the record your biological gender, now makes little difference, since you can change your sex by a mere declaration. Just hold on to that thought and for a moment take it to an even further extreme. Let us say that tomorrow you announce that your genetics are not what they really make you out to be. Instead of a Smith or a Jones, you feel you have someone else’s genes, though biology 101 teaches you differently. You feel that your chromosomes really belong to the Gates family, a billionaire, and you claim inclusion into his heritage. Who is to say differently? Seeing that you can deny your biological sex at birth later in life, why can you not do the same regarding the family you were born in since genes, sex, and chromosomes are not considered proof enough of who you really are? Let us be fair here… what can be done in one area should hold true to every other area. It is all relative, is it not? Anything goes, it is all fair game. You are whatever you wish to be contrary to your original design from creation! So let us keep going with this and see where it takes us.

Why not throw out every possible objective reality in existence and make up our own, and who is to say that this is not going on today? It is, but not all at once. Did you see the ridiculous icon of the pregnant man, yet? Sound loony, for sure! It seems that sports or for that matter every area in life no longer harbors safe parameters and off limits is a thing of the past to those who pay no respect to absolutes. Today, males and females from birth are declaring themselves transgenders or bino-transgenders later in life, and whatever else they wish themselves to be. Imagine the likelihood for success for biological males competing against women given the nature of their gene pool (no one can argue, try as they might, that male genes give them an unfair advantage over that of women when going head-to-head in competition). The weightlifter Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand obviously is all male though he wishes to be identified as a woman. He was allowed to participate in the woman’s weightlifting event. This and other events where binary-transgenders have participated can hardly be seen as fair and ethical. Anyone with a lick of sense knows that the male and female body have different muscle mass, strength, level of estrogen and testosterone, not to mention bone structure, which enables an individual to jump higher, lift more and run faster, all of which are determined by hormones and genetics. It should be obvious why men compete in separate categories than that of women in sports. A common-sense approach would see it this way. Those who do not agree wish to avoid marginalizing radical groups, and in doing so reject science, reality, in particular mankind’s unique design at creation. For the numerous hard-trained female athletes who spent years preparing to compete, they are at a severe disadvantage now that they must go up against a genetically stronger male contestant. Past cheats who sought to sneak masking agents such as steroids into their system, now need only to claim a different gender from their birth certificate and start training against female athletes. Why should coaches not insist on stacking their squad with men pretending to be women in female events? Quinn was the first openly transgender non-binary athlete to compete in the Olympics to win a gold medal on the female side of Canadian soccer. To be sure there is nothing here to be raising a banner over or proud about having crossed the ethical line of what is fair and moral. What is next?

The news is not good. As mankind takes their leave for their need of God, which is happening all around us, they take leave of their senses too, so do not expect this slide into oblivion to slow up anytime soon. What this does mean is that you and I do not need to be drawn into it. We can stop this madness for ourselves and hopefully for those we love. How we do this is to look squarely into what the Scriptures have to say. God is wise and today we need His wisdom, particularly what we can learn about this life and what lies ahead. Eternity remains before each of us. Each day many depart this life into the next. The Scriptures command us to believe the gospel, and, if we obey, the promise of eternal life is ours. The Holy Spirit enables believers to discern spiritual truth, knowing right from wrong and what God expects from His followers. While the gospel appears as foolishness to unredeemed man, for believers is it the power of God (1 Co. 1:18 – 2:5). The message of the cross is what you need today. Believe on Christ and repent of your sins and escape the wrath of God at Judgment. Get your life on solid footing and leave off the craziness of this world.

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” (1 Co.1:18)

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