Below is a written response to a question that was given to four young adults who recently received believer’s baptism. Alejandra who was saved several weeks before has been a good reminder of what God can and still is doing in our youth.

Q – Alejandra, how do you hope God would use you to change the perception that people have about Christianity today?

As a former enthusiast in the disciplines of thought and philosophy, I have become very aware of the arguments (that I supported at one time) non-Christians have made against God and the church. It has led me only to believe this: that philosophy may be deep knowledge to a man but shallow when compared to God’s; what I mean when I say this, that it is not just because we are limited, but philosophy tries to replace God. In a real sense life then becomes incomplete and purposeless, much like what we are experiencing now in today`s pluralistic society. Many philosophies are built on the idea that we have the right to voice our opinions, and while this may seem respectful, it has opened up a pandora`s box. While many opinions exist today and while all men are equal, the truth is that though all men are equal, all their ideas are not. Yet, our society has become so tolerant toward each others beliefs that it has gone beyond the point of reasonableness. As this insatiable demand to be heard or what some consider to be our inherent freedom to “speak our minds” increases, so too does man`s pridefulness, which Satan often commandeers to channel us away from truth.

For instance, some who talk about religion may insist that it’s the bible that they speak from, yet pride leads these same individuals to discredit the name of Christ, often because of their false doctrine and fake humility. If, the truth be known they really are in it for themselves. Whereas “actions speak louder than words” is a familiar truism, in Christ we can see that both His actions and words were consistent throughout his ministry and life, and He is the one who we must mimic if we are really his followers. Now we may not be able to perform miracles but we can let God’s light shine through us, in a world where one foul perceived word could get you sued. While there are people who are not afraid to publicly criticize God and his children, Christians must make sure that our response to their insults are not vindictive. However, to say nothing in return would be folly since to keep silent would be to perform a great disservice to His cause.

Christians today may have growned thinned skin. Be reminded, that insofar as we follow a king with scars surely we will carry scars too due to our relationship to Him as His disciples. So as Christians we cannot afford to get lost in the crowd, every time a hint of frustration comes our way. Far too often we cringe at the notion that my reaction might push others away from God. Although, I do not wish to hold apologetic debates with people every time opposition shows itself, there will be times that the joy and hope that comes from having God in my life will speak for itself. My Christian character, my activities, everything about my life in general should be a reflection of my faith in Christ, for without God I am nothing. The world may criticize God, but to be honest that means little to me since I will always remember the miracle that He did for me. You can take every item that I own but I thank God that no one can ever take my Jesus from me. People may look to faltering sentiments to bring them comfort as they near the grave, but I have God’s grace and mercy and that is truly all anyone ever needs in this life.

Submitted by Alejandra Luengas-Santos at her baptism

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