“This is monumental street theatre” Laflamme explained last week, adding that he wants to see people experience the spectacle through the eyes of a child. That was the idea behind the much publicized mechanical spider, Kumo and the horse dragon, affectionately known as Long Ma. Though, I never saw these mechanical beasts up close, I did expect something more, not too sure how much these theatrical beasts that stand over 60 feet tall be made to look real anyway. I guess I expected to see less hydraulic and mechanical machinery alongside of it propelling it forward, or maybe keeping it hidden underneath the contraption might help. Even so, it was a spectacle for the eyes. It was quite a production where the illusory invaded our senses for a few hours of entertainment and sparked all our imaginations.

But back in the real world we think much differently. Careful thought must be given to keep reality apart from illusion and when it is not ambiguity sets in with appalling consequences. Just ask a question where moral judgment is required, and the impression you receive is that no one has a right to judge other people’s actions, yet conjointly you are reassured you have a right to your own personal opinion (If you are unsure how to reconcile both you are not alone). Ask about God, and some find no reason to distinguish one belief from another since they think God makes no distinctions, no more than for instance, when you select a set of gloves, where one size fits all — meaning that God is not judicious but accepts all religions, regardless of creeds, practises, dogmas, convictions even were significant differences are obvious especially salvation doctrine — contemporary thinkers see no actual need to conform to divine standards. Man tells us to assume divine acceptance regardless of the myriad of belief systems. Yet, wanting to maintain an uncompromised position about Bible truths where sound judgment enables correct knowledge of life issues does leave you at risk of being castigated as a non-conformist and uncaring. Some would prefer for you to jump aboard a virtual merry-go-round of ideas and speculative thought where no one really knows for sure if anything is even objectionable or you even have a basis on which to decide. Relativism can only produce a maze of conjectures with the promise that nothing is certain. Recently, some adolescents were surveyed to see what they believed about incest, whether it was wrong. They could not form a clear opinion, since on one hand it meant that absolute standards do exist which they were unprepared to accept, yet, it also meant that something unlawful and morally reprehensible would leave them on the outs of mainstream thought. In which case, they said that if it is between two consenting adults and no offspring is produced that may lead to physical deformities than they could find no objections though they themselves would not participate. That is where the next generation is headed! Now is high time for some reality checks.

When God’s Word is our supreme authority and is operative in our lives, life can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Jesus Christ is our Sovereign Ruler. He alone is capable to decide what is right and honourable since He was without sin and understood truth. The Bible teaches us HE is truth so anything He says can be counted on for clear direction on how we are to think and act in this life. In the Lord’s day, His Words were not always well received and at times ran contrary to popular opinion, even though He did warn about the deception and treachery found in this world. His warning is a precursor for our lives today. When money and power are involved where money can be made, hucksters abound and are always looking to profit from religion. Quick profit schemes are well reported and many have been victimized by them. The pitch goes something like this “send me X number of dollars and you will receive a blessing from God.” When, in fact, it is another false preacher who cares nothing about the true gospel and you. Jesus cautioned us that many false prophets will appear and deceive many people (Matt. 24:11) The vast majority of religious teachers on Christian television teach a false gospel. Joyce Meyers, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar who brazenly teaches that we are all little gods, Joel Osteen denies human depravity, Myles Munroe invalidates God’s power, Benny Hinn, Paula White who teaches that Jesus is not the only Begoten Son of God, and Kennneth Copeland teaches an unbiblical view of man, of God and of the atonement. These false teachers are mostly from Word of Faith Movement and largely heretical. Wolves in sheeps clothing describe them best. Sad as all this is, there is something even worse like the fact that audiences choose to have a false gospel preached to them rather than the true one (2 Tim. 4:3, 4).

The true Gospel does not promise what the faith hearers and prosperity preachers claim. Instead, the Gospel may cause you to experience trials and sufferings previously unknown to you. Recorded instances of tongues, healings prophecy (foretelling), apostolic gifts was not evidenced in Scripture after AD 62 and most probably had ceased. So what can we expect from the Gospel?

You can expect forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life. You can assume hardships along the way. God is glorified when His children suffer. Sometimes God makes people sick, poor, and health defects, Who gave man his mouth? Who gives makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the LORD? ( Exodus 4:11). A young teen had severe cerebral palsy. Matthew has a digital computer to communicate, trapped in a body that he cannot control, and will never improve or get better. At eleven years of age, God miraculously saved Him! Matt would accompany his Father to open air preach together. He is enrolled in Bible classes. Matt knows this life is short but has all eternity to live with Christ. He has a changed heart, regenerated, genuine faith. Many Christians across the world live under severe conditions, know the favor of God, not because of their improved or for that matter declined condition of health or wealth but because of the favor God has demonstrated when salvation has been granted to you. Being saved is by far the greatest gift. It is never about having the best life now, but about the gospel to authenticate His life in you and seal your fate for eternity. Trust Him today and repent from your sins that you may have eternal life and clear direction for what lies ahead.

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