Not long ago a television show in which issues of the day were being discussed featured Dr Anthony Fauci, a high-ranking medical advisor to the US Government. During his interview he spoke about the Covid virus and paused briefly to give his opinion mostly about the brewing cynicism and growing anti-authoritarian at work around the globe, which was a concern for him. Certainly, it should be and something to think about for all of us. Today’s philosophers have noted this same thing which they have termed postmodernism.  Postmodern thought can be defined as a civilization that has lost confidence in what may have been previous technical and scientific advancements from an earlier age, even to go as far as to say that it has been partly the reason for social injustices and inequalities in the world. So, a wave of skepticism has washed over what at one time appeared promising.

In looking back, the Enlightenment period was one such period in our history. It was a cerebral time where one can draw a relationship to the industrial age which followed seeing the link and the subsequent effects one era had on the other.  Whatever manner, historians may analyze and argue pros and cons from past eras, the postmodernist of today does not see that much good has come from these periods. In fact, some would say that the blame of society’s ills should be laid at the foot of it. What Dr Fauci was alluding to earlier are really indicators of postmodernism. The rebellion, subjective reasoning, and redefinition of reality are chief indicators of this trend toward a postmodern civilization. The idea behind postmodern thought is that to know anything for certain can no longer be so. Instead, your thoughts and beliefs, whether they are contradictory to someone else’s, regardless are equally true to someone else’s and none are considered wrong, no matter how absurd each may be. As a result of this you can expect chaos to rise out of this paradigmatic shift away from the conventional way we reasoned before to a thought structure what some see to be a so-called modern way of thinking that has no moorings in absolutes but welcomes uncertainty, anarchy, chaos, and chance to be foundational and rules out anything that can be known to be true. David Lynn, a professor of philosophy and law at Boston University, warns us that many postmodern theorists tell us to embrace mayhem and consider it apropos to redefine reality. Post-modernity tends to say “No” to anything that has to do with “order.”   Our reality is disappearing, and we need to be aware of the destructiveness of postmodernism at work in our culture today.

What should be stunning to any of us who have embraced traditional values and truths is this absurd turning from our long-established view of reality.   What was once considered irrational and imaginative, now becomes reality for some post-modern theorists, and what we knew as reality no longer exists anymore by those same proponents who hoist subjective reasoning to a whole new level.   What follows then is that your reality is not my reality; what we once thought was actual now is left entirely up to the individual to decide.   He selects what he wants reality to be.  Of course, this is all nonsensical thinking; it is illusionary and can only lead to misery and disappointment. It can be best described like a magician who draws on illusions and impressions while on stage to change our sense of the real to the illusory; we are fooled, but not for long.  After the show is over so are the tricks; we have been entertained and the act is over. It has been amusing but amounted to little more than sleight of hand coupled with cleverly devised acts, good showmanship, and grand mastery of deception at its best and it worked for a while. In postmodernism their notion of reality it is not presented as an illusion at all by those that seek to switch reality into whatever they wish it to be.   What is just as troubling is that it is not considered by those who turn reality on its ear and understand it in a whole other way as a deception at all. This is dangerous thinking because it rejects the idea that there are absolutes such as moral truths, or that objective realities exist and can be known.

To understand the senselessness of this ideology you must look no further than what took place in the streets of major US cities this past summer.   It was made clear by the group Black Lives Matters and Antifa that they sought the overthrow of the Government and marshal in social reforms. Unapologetic in their declaration about what they believe, they spoke of themselves as avowed Marxists.  They opposed traditional values, cared less for family structure, and even had it written in their statement of belief that they sought to limit its influence until it was removed probably due to the unfavourable attention it had received. They opposed authority and did not shy away from carrying out violent measures against police and business people. These are some of the indicators found in postmodernism.

So are we to conclude that self-destruction is inevitable? Are we closer now more than ever to cultural suicide or can rationality be restored to our way of life once more? Can we comprehend how truth relates to reality or is it outside of our comprehension? Not at all, since God has placed before us all that can be known about our world and all the complexities of life, human and otherwise, that is given for us to know and live life. Regarding the Scriptures, you can believe it for all its worth; it has not been compromised by abstract and disjointed view of life. The Scriptures remain distinct, permanent, and accurate. What God has revealed is in the Bible. He has inspired, preserved, and guarantees its veracity in all that is written in it.  A life which is built on Christ and His Word rests on solid footing.   As such we can live life to the fullest in the here and now in preparation for the life to come in eternity. The world cannot save us nor can it teach you or me about our innate design nor the intricate features in the universe.  Any attempts to rewrite reality can only skew real knowledge about ourselves and leave our understanding about life blurred.  If your beliefs are not in line with how God thinks about our world and our lives and what He has done to make you ready spiritually for His heaven, then it is time to find out what the Scriptures teach.  In the Bible you will find answers to many issues in life, none greater than that of man’s indispensable need for salvation.   Christ said, “I am Way, the Truth and the Life.” As much as we have all sinned and continue to do so, which resulted in a broken relationship and must be mended if we are to return to a right standing before Him.   Knowing Christ and His salvation is the answer to our spiritual dilemma.

We hope you will give this further consideration. Listen to messages on our website for further encouragement and to hear about our need for forgiveness so you may put your trust in Christ unreservedly, that you may enter heaven in the only way possible, a forgiven sinner.

Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,
but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.  Proverbs 28:13


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