Challenging and troublesome times are upon us where various issues have spilled out onto the political stage, the magnitude of which has not been seen in North America for some time, which leaves some wondering if mankind is doomed to self-destruct. To some it may seem like only a matter of time, much like a bomb  triggered by a detonator. before the end comes where our world suffers such devastation any return from it may not be possible. At least, it looks like that from current events we now face, whether the pandemic, protests, or poor economic conditions, the reality is these are the lesser of our concerns.  We find ourselves in a much worse quandary. To  spell it out, let us consider two ideologies at work in Canadian Society. Both are at work clamouring to hoist their ideas on on how to fix things and change things for our good.   On one side, some wish to reform the way we are ruled.  In our political spectrum, they are thought to be to the right of centre. If their policies are implemented then a return to a healthier way of life, and produce a nation which looks to be from past standards traditional, along the kind we use to enjoy prior to our current system. On the other hand, the left says that its ideology which asserts a belief system based on the thought that man can regulate himself free from religious dogma of any kind.  The secularist claim too  that if they dominate the political landscape that they alone can bring about a good and fair society.  So there you have it, two sides both of which are at opposite ends of the spectrum supposedly.  Both find their hope either in man or in conservative traditions.  This latter group bars any form of religion, though is itself a religion — Secular Humanism —  while the other seeks to make external use of the moral code. Are either attempts adequate enough enable us to get out from under this mess we now face, or our we pawns to a failing system no matter where we place our loyalties our values?

   Let us concur that both aforementioned philosophies are inadequate for the immediate task at hand.  Bringing religion into the mix of simply doing our best under a set of moral principles will at best make you a better law abiding nation,  but will not save you from the inescapable doom that still awaits mankind.  If you recall from the start, it is the threat of eminent destruction that we have in view here.    Then the thought that we can rule on our own without conforming to long-established views of Canadian life, to turn things around on route to a good life for all, to have productive lives by looking to man as the essence and deciding factor for rule and law is utopic at best.   Both belief systems fail to solve what is systemic to the problems at hand.    Both systems are inadequate to meet the real dilemma that lies at the feet of all of our problems.  The solution to societies ills cannot be pigeonholed by external means;  it goes beyond reforming or loosening laws, rather for real transformation the individual must discover God and truly submit to Him as their Supreme Ruler.   Some years ago, the words from sea to sea was inscribed in the stonework of Parliament Hill “to have dominion from sea to sea”,  the intent was for God to rule our nation, but since then has faded away ever since.  Apart from the Christian Heritage Party most have retreated from a truly Christian platform, some either pay lip service to it or leave God out of their agenda entirely. 

  Let us leave aside distinctions between religion and secularism for a moment, the basis to reconcile sin issues can be reduced to how much you really believe in God.  It is the kind of belief that results in saving faith where you committed your life to His Son, a belief that responds to His Word in every area of your life and not a ritualistic type of life that finds you reciting a prayer at the dinner table, or attending a worship service twice or three times a year, to pay respect to the Christian holidays because it is your habit to do so,   but to live impassively in close quarters with Jesus is the result of genuine faith.  If our only thought is that we can earn a spot in heaven because Christian values are observed from a cold heart, we are just as wrong as the secularists.  We need to be saved.   Hear what Jesus replied to those Pharisees who thought they deserved heaven.   “It is not those who are well who need a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.”(Luke 5:31-32)  By the “righteous,” he meant those who considered themselves good, but doing good works is not the way to heaven since  none of us are truly good.   Often, pride mask our religious acts.  It is a hard lesson to learn that we are not good enough for salvation.  That is why that faith in Christ alone is the means to acceptance with God.   The secularist say they have no need for God, since they make up their own rules.   This too, is wrong.  Much like the religious crowd both groups are unrighteous; the secularists remonstrate against any need for salvation, and deny its validity.  Their goal is for life to operate absent from God.   They deny the transcendent authority of Jesus Christ over man and generally disregard moral absolutes.  This has the makings of a spiritual storm.  God warns those who wish to blot Him from out for their lives.

If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.  (Eze. 3;18)

This dreadful ending remains the same for all deniers of Christ who wish to rid themselves from divine authority to reign supreme over their lives as Savior and Lord.  Where does your loyalty reside today?  Are you really all in?   Are you not fully vested in a life controlled by His Word and Grace, and instead quite comfortable to live a life with a little bit of religion added to it, a superficial faith far from what the Bible commands.    Our hope is that you have seen enough from both ideologies to know how each fails to meet what we really need most.   

Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.  Luke 11:23

  May God lead you to find His Son in this our greatest need.

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