It seems wherever you go, whatever purchase you make, or whatever course of action you wish to take cautions, warnings and disclaimers appear almost everywhere, or so it seems anyway. You cannot even drink a hot drink without something on the cup informing you that what you have in your hands can burn internally if taken too quickly. The motto “safety first” seems to be in everything. However, not everything is so carefully thought-through. Our moral conscientiousness is slipping badly. Society is much less cautious about the way it both conducts itself or what it accepts as true. We are not careful what we believe and how we live our lives. No longer are moral norms important to us as it was decades ago, especially from our elected officials on the hill and city hall and the reforms they promise to make. The fact that with every immoral law that is passed (e.g. euthanasia, legalized pot, abortion) comes even more evil. You can be sure that plans are underway to streamline decision-making by which grants greater authority to euthanasia-promoting doctors to administer lethal injections. Why are there so few warnings of a moral nature and sick with sin where wickedness is on-going almost with impunity where our spiritual safety is at stake? Are there no protectors out there ready and willing to do something about it? Is sacredness of life now a matter about how much money we can save in our hospitals by reducing cost for terminally ill patient care and the amount of taxes we can collect from selling pot? Is the dollar more mighty than our spiritual well being? Right now board and computer games are being sold that promote demons and occult practises so where are the watchdogs calling for a ban on these games that hurt the emotional and spiritual well being of our people. Little caution is demonstrated over the many ills in our society because we do not consider the spiritual aspect of our lives. We have a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as far more important than to develop spiritual values and to guard against evil, demons and wordiness.

From my last article, we learned secular researchers have increasingly recognized demonology in their search for answers about UFO’s. They simply felt that no other explanation is viable outside of the fact that demons exist. In the middle ages it was not unusual for men to recognize demons to be both real and active among them. It was not folklore as we like to think of it today; they gave enormous authority to the existence of demons, even for Believers back then they attested that many evils in the world were the work of Satan. Today, we toy with the idea of a devil in horns and a pitchfork. At Halloween he becomes the star attraction and many dress and act like him, thinking it is all in the fun. The celebration takes in over six billion dollars total spent on that event with the top three costumes in 2013 being witches, batman and vampires. Things have not change much since then.   Sounds like fun until you realize how real demons are! Maybe it is time to see just how real they are in our world.

Demon encounters are many in the early century life of Jesus and the Church. The exorcisms we hear about today are a faint resemblance to what actually occurred in Jesus time. Demons readily left their subjects at the Lord’s command and never returned. Many were cast into hell while on one occasion they were sent into pigs that ran off of a cliff to the sea below. The people around the area were so scared that they asked Christ to leave. We should not be surprised to learn that on another occasion Jesus authority was such that the demons were cast out from a young lady even though Jesus was not before her. The authority that Christ possessed is the key for any successful end for those who are either possessed or bothered by demons. You may hear of someone having the gift to free people from Satanic activity. If you have any familiarity to the Scriptures, you recall that the apostles failed to help a demon possessed boy and were surprised that they could cast the devil out of him even though they had cast out demons before. Their problem was the fact that they had relied mostly on their past performance and not on Christ power. On that failed occasion, their faith was tainted with self-reliance that though they may have done the same outward act, inwardly they failed to fully recognize Christ authority as before. The heart is quite deceitful so we must be careful. Some think that by using His name like a magical incantation they will find success. But this is wrong too. On still another occasion, the evil spirit in the possessed man recognized Jesus and Paul, but not the seven sons of Sceva who were attempting to liberate this man of this spirit. Their mistake was that instead of trusting in Christ authority alone these men used Christ name as a type of incantation.   The possessed man then set upon them.   There is great danger for those who are not familiar with Biblical teaching on demons who seek to directly oppose them.

The only manner to deal with demons is by recognizing that Jesus alone is powerful enough to oppose demons. That is why we are told in Ephesians that Christians must put on the full spiritual armour before opposing Satan’s power. That is why it is necessary to be equipped with all the spiritual tools listed in Ephesians to prepare us for that fight. This arsenal along with faith in Christ enables us to face the conflict and defeat the enemy. When we are assailed by temptations or seek to free others from him,  a pure consecrated life and faith in Christ is sufficient for all things, are truths that must be found to be true in our own lives.

Whether you are wondering if Satan is real or you are a Christian, God gives ample warnings about Satan. Will you heed the Words of Christ about this deceiver of man and ruler of the world or ignore it and continue to think of him as a comical figure? The choice is yours but we hope you take him seriously. We pray that you will trust in Christ and repent of your sins and be prepared to oppose Satan’s attacks and deceptions.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.   13 Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm.   (Eph 6:12, 13)

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