Have you ever had an experience which gave you good  reason to look at life more seriously? Perhaps a visit to the doctor has left you shaken due to the prognosis afterwards, or that someone you love in your family or close friend has fallen on hard times. It is not hard to predict how you would react in such situation. I would say it  would not be easy for most of us. A recent circumstance had left me a bit shaken. What I felt was a “brush with death.” turned out to be something else.   It started with chest pains in my chest. It felt like I had been punched hard in the upper middle of my chest. The soreness was not the “crab-like crushing sensation” normally associated with a heart attack, but it was pain, nonetheless.   Following that was an eerie feeling of uneasiness. My thoughts were split between my wife and what I was to do next should things get worse.  It did not.  What I realized later was that a chunk of an apple, that I had eaten earlier,  had not quite made its way down my esophagus, the passageway from the opening of the throat leading down to the stomach, causing partial soreness along the inner membrane.  Once I was satisfied that this was the sole cause,  my relief was just as great as the distress that it caused me at the time. Even more thankful to be reminded about the seriousness of life and what still lies ahead.

Let me start with this verse.   Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. (Ga.6:7).   It may seem a bit too severe to quote this verse  from the Bible regarding scares in life, but lets be realistic about how many are  hearing this and are not truly prepared to meet God on His terms today.   Probably not many when you consider the many answers people give for their basis for going to heaven.   Some really do not find it easy to admit to personal failures and sins  but seem less hesitant  to explain God`s willingness to accept them into His presence.   But God warns us, to not to be deceived, that He is not mocked.   In other words, we are not to con ourselves into thinking that everything is alright with us,  that we can work our way into a relationship with God, or that He cannot condemn us because He is a loving God and as such He would not send anyone to hell.    God is not to be mocked so if you reject His salvation that comes through personal faith in Christ and repentance of your sins,  you can expect consequences.   You hold God in contempt when you defy Him by not believing His Gospel and seek another way to heaven instead.     You cannot back God into a corner by insisting on your goodness.    God says that whatever a man sows he will reap, meaning if you have lived your life for yourself not giving any account to Christ death on the cross for your sins, then you will reap the consequences of your sins because you chose to ignore the gospel.  Therefore, you must pay the price of your sins yourself.  Legalistic obedience or religious rituals only leads you further into a false belief that you are good enough for God.  The sowing and reaping principle means that if you sow in the flesh, that is, through human efforts to reach God, your life on earth will end in having to face eternal damnation.  But, if you sow personnel faith and repentance in Christ who paid the price for our sins, you will reap eternal life.   Do not wait for a close call to get serious about God, it may turn out to be the real thing and the  last moment you had.  Time is running down,  so act now while you can while salvation is still near.

Trust Christ today and live.

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