The game of hide and seek was and still is a very popular children’s game. It originated sometime in 2nd century Greece, where it was described by the poet Julius Pollux in one of his writings. Shakespeare speaks of the children’s game in Hamlet, where several scenes in he mentions it as “Hide Fox, and All After.” There exists an upscale detective version where adults from 66 international teams gather to participate at a world championship in Italy, which in 2016 was won by “Sneaky Frenchy”, a team from France. This activity has universal appeal because it is both fun and entertaining. Even so, and sadly to note, that a spiritual counterpart exist that we should avoid at all cost.

Back in the 16th and 17th century, the Reformed Protestants would begin their preaching by teaching the law first to build conviction of sin then follow it up with the cross. The sinner was clearly shown where to find relief from his guilt and condemnation. While the temptation for sinners is to conceal personal sin, confessing and forsaking of sin is needful. Sinners that seek to cover up their sins may attempt to exonerate themselves with any number of excuses. A prime example of this is the scene in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve went into hiding because of their disobedience. When discovered Adam attempted to absolve himself from any wrong doing by placing the blame on Eve. Deceiving God is an impossibility. Though our actions may lie hidden and undetected from man, nevertheless God sees everything and that is very important for us to grasp. Nothing escapes God.

The dramatic episode with Achan is further proof of this. Even though Achan did his evil deed away from any witnesses, God was there to see him take the wedge of gold, silver shekels and the Babylonish garment. Achan drew up his plans with precision. He counted on the confusion of the battle for Jericho to be a diversion, yet God was watching his every move. While everyone else was preoccupied taking Jericho, Achan was also busy stealing and hiding his loot. Achan thought he had successfully concealed what he had done. While he may have counted his venture a success and fooled men into thinking all was well, in reality things could not have been worse for him. God warns that “He who covers his sins shall not prosper” (Proverbs 28:13). Unconfessed sin prevents further blessings from God. “If I regard iniquity in my heart—the Lord will not hear me” (Psalm 66:18).

Now pride and pompt will always stand in the way to confession and repentance. Surrender to Christ is never that easy. Spurgeon says this about ways men try to cover their sins. “Excuse-making is the commonest trade under heaven. Some cover by secrecy and some by falsehood. Some think their sin has been hidden away by lapse of time.” That seems to be a fair summary.

Whatever argument we wish to prop up, unconfessed sin will inevitably harden your conscience. The power of sin will be felt deep in the soul, the heart becomes callous over time, unresponsive to the tender mercies of God. Where a child of God neglects sin the conscience comes to a place where it thinks almost nothing of a sin. Where once you may have been receptive to the prodding of the Holy Spirit where guilt pangs rang loud and clear, now they are barely heard.

Sin is seductive and at its core is the deception of the heart. Adam and Eve were deceived along with Achan. For Adam, he knew what he was not to do but chose to disobey anyway and then sought to excuse his actions by shifting the blame to Eve. No one can hide their sins from God (Prov. 15:3, Prov. 5:21, Hebrews 4:13) Achan thought he could hide his sin by burying his booty. Yet, he was discovered and punishment levied. It is hardly surprising that things only get worse when we disregard sin in our lives.

Have you dealt with your own personal sins? If you are feeling remorse or guilt do not set your heart on a timer and think you can act later on this matter. Things can only get worse for you. Confession and forsaking your sins is only possible in Christ. Trust in Christ today. Place your faith in Him for forgiveness and be cleansed from your sin and guilt.

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