Key to understand Islam Ideology

To understand Islam requires a shift from a democratic to an imperialistic viewpoint. To Western thought the concept of separation of church and state is a familiar theme and quite visible in our Canadian culture. While society is regulated by secular laws, it is not reasonable to expect speed limits or political laws to be governed by religion. Naturally, a wall of separation exists between church and state. Islam knows of no such arrangement. Every aspect of life is dictated by Islamic law. The key for us to remember is that the religion of Islam is inseparable from culture, religion and politics. Islam seeks complete control over every area of society, and a country like Egypt where secularism does exist is one of the few exceptions. For the devout Muslim assimilation is not something they seek to do once in another culture but instead wish to overtake it. Muslim imperialism continues today in the march toward global domination and has been for the last 1500 years against hundreds of nations and over millions of square miles. Imperialism is the policy and practise of seeking to dominate the economic and political affairs of weaker countries. It is not an exaggeration to say that Muslim imperialism began about ten years before Mohammed`s death and remains in effect to this day. Of course history is much more complex than simple figures and certainly nominal Christians of that day were not always blameless, but the brutal and violent deaths of Christians and murderous invasions have not ceased since then.

Jesus never used violence to force conversion or call his disciples to use it. The spread of God`s Word came through compassion and mercy. The preaching of the gospel enabled many to deal with their sins and in turn to love Christ and His kingdom. The measure of any conversion is the disciple that it makes and Christ followers were expected to give their lives unlike jihad through threat and terror, but by the sheer love of Christ placed in each one who are faithful to His calling. Conversion of the heart is the act of God working in a person to turn them from their sins to repentance and faith in Christ alone. It is ridiculous to believe that this can come about by holding a sword to someone’s throat on the pain of death and still speak of genuine conversion. Yet, according to the Quran: Never in its history did Islam compel a single human being to change his faith. Sura 2:256.

As much as Islam describes itself as a peaceful religion, nothing can be further from the truth. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah made it abundantly apparent that real peace only comes to the redeemed. Sheer force and aggression is not the answer. The cross of Christ has made peace a reality with God. The death of Christ and resurrection is the fundamental fact that separates Christian faith from all other faiths. It interprets and puts everything in relation to each other and brings peace to broken relationships in a fallen world where the only way back to God is through Christ atoning work on the cross. Orthodox Muslims hate the cross, and that though the Quran places Jesus high on their list of prophets, they deny His death and need for atonement and hold a strong aversion to what the doctrine of the cross teaches. It becomes difficult for the Muslim to accept that a major prophet could be subject to the ridicule of men and reduced to a lowly posture as a servant only to be killed as though a common criminal. This however, shows how much the Arab mind misses the mark for the need of a Savior, and the importance of a substitution in our place to pay the price for our offences before a Holy God.
Although the cross may be a stumbling block for some, the fact remains that it is the only way into the heart of the non-believer. The way of the cross is the way of salvation. Christians must confront Muslims with the gospel and nothing less will do. The full power of the gospel must be brought upon their lives both in word and deed. There is nothing more powerful than when the message of salvation is accompanied by Christlike living. That occurs when the gospel is consistently lived before the lost and that the saving message is given in confidence that only the gospel can save a person.

In two weeks time, join us for part 3, unsubstantiated claims about the Quran.

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