Sometimes we form little habits that are no longer possible to continue because of circumstances.  While living in Toronto, each Sunday morning we would purchase almond croissants and coffee at a nearby bakery on Yonge Street.  They were scrumptious.  However, time came when we moved and left behind our little taste treats from paradise.   Almonds have mostly always been enjoyed even as far back as Moses day, when they were a source of food for the Hebrews.   You might be interested to learn that the almond tree has prophetic significance for Israel and for the Christian at Easter time as well.

When God designed the tabernacle, he instructed Moses to hammer out the golden lamp stand out of one piece of pure gold and to decorate its seven branches with almond buds and flowers. We know God does not waste words so the emblematic features on the candlestick were meant to symbolize something very special in the future.  To understand what that may be, the almond tree with its beauty and its blossoms heralds the return of spring.  In the land of Israel it is the first tree to bloom around January and the first to produce fruit around March. We are told that Christ is the first fruit (1 Co.15:23), the first to rise from the dead; thus the budding almond tree on the lamp stand becomes the eternal symbol of the Resurrection.   For some who read this you may find it interesting, but perhaps nothing more. However, for Christ followers it means that our bodies too are assured of being resurrected at His return.  But what about you who failed to follow Christ in this lifetime and rejected His salvation?   In the same chapter in Corinthians we told that after Christ returns for His people, comes the end and that He will put all His enemies under His feet (see vv. 24, 25).

Easter is a wonderful time of year reminding the Christian about his own future.  Yet, Easter also speaks to those who remain in their sins and have neglected the great salvation produced in Christ on the Cross. Theirs is a thin line between time and eternity.   The resurrection speaks to the meaning of life and gives you the opportunity to start over again.  Christ`s death on the cross cleansed us from sin and cleared the way to heaven for Believers and His resurrection assured us of it.

 But each in turn: Christ, the firstfruits, the, when he comes, those who belong to Him.  (1 Co.15:23)


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