Being jobless and self-isolated for the time being may mean more time on your hands and may eventually lead to boredom and spending countless hours in front of your television or at your computer, perhaps surfing the internet gaming, passing the hours linking toasters, cellphones, and coffee makers to your internet connection.  Or you shrugged a bit and tried something altogether different like baking some killer cupcakes, or something like that, anyway.  Going to the neighbourhood grocer, you may have been surprised to find basic baking ingredients such as flour and yeast were mostly gone from shelves, probably gobbled up by customers for some full-flavoured baked goods.    Anyway, you are in the kitchen and about to start but realize that lighting from the ceiling might be ok to crack open tinned goods or peel back frozen dinner wrappings, but not so good to read minusculed print on the pasted recipe on the back of the label,  So what do you do next?  If you have luminous led ceiling bulbs, than you aim them toward the counter space where immediately all your ingredients, actually the entire counter-space is flooded iridescent light, making food preparation and recipe reading that much easier.  Of course this article is not about your hands white with flour, but lets me put all this into perspective regarding something far more pressing like once this interruption to our lives due to the corolla virus ends, hopefully it does, what about the rest of your life?  For a moment, let us see light as a metaphor to address this very question.

    Light is often used as a metaphor in the Bible meaning truth.  Truth may not be appreciated by those who harbour lies and deceit, but it is what Jesus teaches us to embrace.    Throughout the Bible we are given grounds to live  differently than what we had been doing before our lives were changed by the gospel.  This spiritual transformation is that which Christ meant when He said “the truth will set you free.”  The message of the cross tells us that a man must be saved before he will be accepted into heaven, where both forgiveness and repentance are essential truths if we are to be prepared for what is still ahead.  In the book of Hebrews, it speaks of a heavenly call,  referring to a Christians final resting place in heaven.   For  now we experience the peace and assurance of God`s Presence, but we will know it completely once we enter heaven and enjoy His Glorious Being .  Our hope is not buried in some faint unreadable print on the back of religious literature, too hard to figure out, but given in clear unmistakable language from sacred texts for all of us to see and understand.   Again, in Hebrews, where we learn about Israel`s rebellious acts against the Lord and by His Sworn Oath were denied entry into Canaan where after thirty-eight years of wandering in the desert died.  God says to us today, that the rest once promised to Israel is still available to us today.   

Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. (Heb.4:1)

“Therefore” is a conjunctive adverb that connects to what previously went on in chapter 3.  In  that the Hebrews failed to trust God, which resulted in an entire generation being denied entry into the Promised Land, than Israel of the Old Testament becomes a lesson for us of what happens when  God`s offer of salvation is rejected.  

  If you wish to avoid a future without Christ in the here beyond, in which,  if we continue in our sins and fail to trust Him for salvation, eternity will be spent in hell, you should consider your current situation.  You should take stock of the influences that currently affect your view of life.  You have have time so why not pick up your Bible and begin reading.   Let the light of Scripture clarify your current understanding about life and what is important.   Can there be any more pressing issue in your life than not knowing where you will spend eternity?   Read the Bible and you may be surprised by what you will find out.   May God enable you to see His truth for yourself, and lead you to His Dear Son, Jesus Christ that you may be converted.   

For it is you who light my lamp; the LORD my God lightens my darkness.  Psalm18:28

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