George Orwell put in his essay about Rudyard Kipling, “a humanitarian is always a hypocrite” Said dogmatically, yet true enough. Jesus spoke of hypocrisy often during his lifetime, mostly to those trying to prove him wrong. The religious order at that time, made hairsplitting rules for the people to follow, In their many attempts to entrap Jesus, they charged Him with breaking the Sabbath, even after He wondrously straightened a woman`s back, a musculoskeletal or neurological disorder where the spine is bentThis woman had been stooped over for eighteen years, and Jesus healed her on the Sabbath. Jesus pointed out to His accusers that they themselves had brought water to their animals on the Sabbath. It became clear to all that heard Jesus that day that the Pharisees lived by two sets of rules. They had failed to accept the earlier teaching by Jesus on the law where previously in what we call the Sermon on the Mount, he had taught both its intent and meaning which countered their own.

Men in leadership especially those who practice politics generally have become self-servingwanting to improve their own status and that of their party`s especially using deceptive meansPolls and rising donkey votes (electorate randomly marking a ballot box because of a lack of trust in politicians) indicate doubts about anyone telling them the truth at election time. Plenty of porc-barrel spending promises and little substantial policy-making informationrun the same gamut where party`s try to outdo each other to win votes, no matter how many bold face lies are told along the way accompanied by smiling faces. Being “Pharisaical” has come to mean hypocritical. The Pharisees were characterized as those who “kept the outside of the cup washed” (Mat 23:25), making superficial laws to observe themselves and who expected others to follow them, but ignored the weightier matters such as mercy, justice and faithfulness. (v. 23)

Two facedness is something we may expect from officials at election time, but we all our guilty of it to some degree. More simply, we may excuse our “faux pas” as a slip in character or inexperience and carry on like nothing more can be done about it. Meanwhile, we know that our false actions did not betray our true intent, we meant it, problem was we were caught in the act and sought to excuse ourselves or downgrade our insincerity Our Prime Minister has committed a series of stunning contradictions over his short time in office. He is one of many.

Jesus is the only truthful being that ever lived on this planet. Ask yourself how He could confront thousands without receiving a single reproach from the multitudes in return, whereas he never had to defend Himself against legitimate accusations for this simple reasonHe was without sin! He defined the law of God through His perfect life and teaching. None of the crowd that I earlier spoke of could deny their hypocrite ways or accuse Jesus of the same. Since Christ had fulfilled the entire law, He stood as the only truly righteous person that ever lived. The crowds throughout the region of Palestine heard and saw Him as He travelled through their villages and towns teaching and healing. They knew that someone special was among them, yet few would admit He was their Messiah. Still Jesus pressed the truth home to them, because they needed to hear the gospel and turn from their sinful ways.

Will you look inside yourself and see what Jesus saw in each man including yourself, that your motives are not always pure and that you and I are as much part of that crowd then, as we are now. The only way out of impure motives and actions is to see in Christ the only sinless One who has complete authority to forgive us and grant us eternal life. After all, He is the only one who can unmasked our ways and disclosed what is truly in our hearts as He did the crowd. In the same narrative Jesus told His followers: Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. (Luke 12:2)

The gospel is a stark reminder that we cannot live our lives any way we wish and think we can escape judgment. Christ came into this life not to condemn since we stand condemned already, but to give life eternal. Do you see yourself a sinner in need of forgiveness or are you thinking that perhaps you are not as bad as the next guy. Problem with that kind of outlook is that none of us can ever be good enough for heaven. We are all sinners from birth and not anything we do can act as a substitute to remove the guilt and sin`s consequence.  Only by trusting in Christ and confessing our sins to Him and repent of them can we be saved from Divine Wrath.

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