On a television show in which issues of the day were discussed and televised for public viewing, Dr Anthony Fauci was given an interview in which he spoke about the Covid virus. During a brief interlude he reflected on the state of the world and pointed out the growing disbelief in scientific facts and anti-authority present in the world today. It was insightful and undoubtedly what he said holds true for Canadians and our neighbours to the South of us. What is now being observed by philosophers in our postmodern age is the loss of confidence in past achievements from past generations ago; now being discarded as though ingenuity and findings into technical and scientific fields should be distrusted. Now a great deal of skepticism overlays what once looked promising. In looking back, the Enlightenment period was supposedly to be the great watershed moment in our history where science and reason were acclaimed by many to be the potentates that would bring us into an era of peace and prosperity. This never really happened as we had presupposed. Some say that the disruptive and rebellious activity happening today are symptoms of unfulfilled hopes of a better life that the Industrial age was supposed to bring. Pessimism has set in instead and coupled with it is the rejection that you can know anything for sure, and because objective knowledge is discriminate by nature, this has led to the notion that all thoughts and beliefs are then to be accepted as equally true; no matter how absurd the contradictions are that may be found in any of them. It has been accurately described as a walk back into chaos. David Lynn, a professor of philosophy and law at Boston University, writes that many postmodern theorists advise us to embrace mayhem and consider it apropos to redefine reality. Postmodernity tends to say “No” to anything that has to do with “order.” Evanescent reality (mine, vanishing or fading) is a common theme running through postmodernism.

What should be stunning to all of us who have embraced traditional values and truths is this absurd shift away from our long-established view of reality, which, as we know it, exists independent of feeling-drawn perceptions, quirks, and notions. What we would have once considered irrational and imaginative, now becomes reality to some, and what was once considered reality no longer exists anymore to these same proponents who host subjective reasoning to a whole other level. What follows then is that your reality is not my reality; what we once thought was actual now is left entirely to the individual to decide what he wants reality to be. It is left to the individual to decide his own reality. This is all nonsensical thinking; it is illusionary and can only lead to misery and disappointment. Unlike a magician who draws on illusions and impressions while on stage to change our sense of the real to the illusory; we are left fooled, but not for long. After the show is over so are the tricks; the act has been entertaining but amounted to little more than a sleight of hand coupled with cleverly devised acts of showmanship; planned deception at its best and it worked. To advance this illustration further to its logical conclusion, you may have seen the vanishing elephant act on You Tube. A group of witnesses had been positioned around a magician promoting the idea that anything he does would not go undetected. While most could watch the magician’s performance up close, only a select few of the witnesses could see just behind the curtain which had divided these few from the rest of the group of onlookers. These few were actually paid associates who had agreed to fake amazement when the elephant appears almost out of thin air when in fact, he came in undetected from behind the curtain hidden by the curtain from most who made up the circle of people except for the few at the back who were in on the deception. While this feat fooled many, it is simply entertainment. In postmodernism it is not seen as illusion at all by those that seek to substitute reality for what they perceive it to be. What is just as troubling is that they do not consider their own perception of reality to be a deception. This is dangerous thinking because it rejects the idea that there are absolutes such as moral truths, or that you can even be in possession of knowable realities and that the fallacious should be separated from the true and understood differently.

Those who abandon moral absolutes, as have Black Lives Matters and Antifa who promote violence and destruction mostly under the auspices of equality, are proponents of postmodernism. Besides their rejection of traditional values is their wide-spread rebellion against established authority. They wish to put an end to democracy as we now know it and are avowed Marxists; an ideology that inevitably leads to communism.
Any attempt to rewrite reality can only skew sound knowledge and leave our understanding about life blurred. If your beliefs are not in line with how God thinks about our world and our lives and what He has done to make us ready spiritually for His heaven, then it is time to find out what the Scriptures teach. In the Bible you will find answers to many issues in life, none greater than that of man’s indispensable need for salvation. Christ said, “I am Way, the Truth and the Life,” while earnest in His appeal to lost sinners, yet the authorities condemned Him for speaking out about men’s dire need to look to Him in order to be pardoned of their sins. Even under duress and threats He did not capitulate but gave the gospel even if it ultimately meant facing a gruesome death.

While all of us have sinned and continue to do so, this results in a broken relationship and must be mended if our communion with God is to be restored again. Christ then is the answer to our spiritual dilemma. We hope you will give this further consideration. Listen to messages on our website for further encouragement and to hear about our need for forgiveness and to trust Christ unreservedly, that you may enter heaven the only acceptable way, a forgiven sinner.

“Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.” Proverbs 28:13

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