In chapter 2 verse 18 of Genesis, God says, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” (The Holy Bible, ESV).

I have been a wife and helpmate to my husband for more than 20 years now. We met in Bible college where I gave him grammar lessons in his language studies. As time went on we teamed up to organize and teach an after-school Bible club in a Christian home which was located not very far from the Bible College. Even at this early stage of our relationship, preparation for a life of service together was set in motion already! In our premarriage state the focus was on honoring Christ in getting the gospel out by partnering together in activities of all sorts from house to house visits to participation in the local Sunday School program for kids. I was mostly doing this for the sake of Christ’s Glory and His Church but realized too that if anything truly worthwhile were to develop in my relationship with my future husband that Christ’s interest had to be first in our lives, and it was!

After Denis transferred to Toronto Baptist Seminary we married and I worked as a cook for the students for about two years to help defray the cost of his education. At the close of the second year our son Daniel was born. While both my husband and I worked, we made sure to organize our schedule so that we could take turns caring for him. While my work in the school kitchen added to our finances, I did not relinquish my service at the Church that we attended on the West Side of Toronto, in the Dundas West neighborhood where we took up residence. I continued to teach children, while at the same time maintained the grounds around our church and even did some cleaning inside the building as well! Although busy, I attended the prayer meetings and joined my husband at both morning and evening worship services.

I would say that my most important duty was homeschooling Daniel. For a time, we had him in a Christian school where I became an assistant. After Denis graduated, we moved to different parts of Ontario before we settled in Ottawa. In every church that we have been in, I have been privileged to serve in many capacities, and regardless what it was, kept busy in the things that will matter in eternity. Here at Emmanuel Baptist Church, where we now attend and serve, I maintain the prayer list, occasionally teach Jr. Church, participate in our fellowship meals after services, and generally attend most of our events whether they involve our elderly, church members, or the general public, I continue to perform various functions that help to advance God`s Kingdom. One thing for certain, my husband truly enjoys the fact that I join him and our members to give the gospel on the streets of Ottawa. I am blessed by this too. I hand out tracts and may speak to people one-on-one. We do this weekly so that our times are mutually gratifying for both of us. Recently, my husband told me that through the years I have not lost sight of my role as a helpmate nor taken it for granted as I have tried to be supportive of him. Interestingly enough, my husband says that besides evangelism, he truly is thankful for the amount of time that I invest in finding and listing electronic books into his Kindle for him to read, and sermons into his MP3 player for him to listen to; all of which is helpful toward his study of God`s Word. I suspect that Denis does not like electronics as much as I do.  :-)

There are many ways for Christian women to help their husbands but the most important is to pray for them as you serve the Lord together. Remember God has appointed him as head of the house and he is responsible for the spiritual well being and direction of the family. They need our prayers.

Peggy Pomerleau

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