Miracles do not happen every day. But they did in Jesus’ day. He made it a large part of His ministry during His life on earth. And He did so because of His great compassion and love for human beings. Many came to Him knowing that a simple touch of His hand or from His kind commanding voice would leave them whole again. He never made a big show of it, nor sought fame in return, unlike many pretenders today whose sole aim in ministry is to popularize themselves and pad their wallets; instead Jesus commanded those that He healed and delivered from Satan and death itself to tell no one, seeking nothing for Himself but sought to glorify God. Charlatans, frauds, liars and faith healers whose fortunes are built on the back of desperate and unfortunate lives, come a dime a dozen these days who put on a show of compassion and power and supposed great love for souls all a facade. They are fakes and frauds.

Benny Hinn is one such fraudster. Hear the account of William Vandenkolk of Las Vegas. William’s blindness remains with him to this day,  now 25 years old, though at the age of eleven was told by Benny Hinn that he was healed at a faith healing crusade. Los Angeles Times reporter:

Sitting cross-legged in front of a big-screen TV, the 11-year-old squints through Coke-bottle glasses at a Miracle Crusade video made more than two years ago in which he starred as a boy who miraculously recovered from blindness. “I liked it at first because I thought I was being healed,” says Williams in the living room of his aunt and uncle’s home. On the screen, Hinn bends down to William, his hands on the child’s face. “Look at these tears”,  says Hinn, peering into the child’s eyes. “William, baby, can you see me?” Before more than 15,000 people in a Las Vegas arena, William nods. In a small voice, the boy says, “As soon as God healed me, I could see better.” Hinn, an arm wrapped around William, tells the audience that God has told him to pay the child’s medical expenses and education. People weep. Today William is still legally blind and says his sight never improved, and that his onstage comments were wishful thinking.” Incidentally, the family has yet to receive any of the promised money for medical or educational expenses. (Apologetics Resource Center: Faith Healers or Fake Healers).

Jesus raised the dead and gave sight to those born blind and lame. Many instances exist both from what we read in Scriptures and in documented occurrences today. It is from these many supernatural interventions into dire circumstances and conditions whose wreckage leave casualties in despair and   hopeless now because of God’s Son have been restored to newness of life which happened often during Jesus time on earth. That is why the special needs of others may be something to commit to Christ in prayer.  May we pray not only where our eyes may see, but beyond to where our minds and hearts may take us. Jesus only has to say the word and the miraculous becomes a reality. We are all broken and in need especially in our desolation from Christ. When was the last time you prayed in His name? We are given an awareness of His heavenly power from every miracle He accomplished, and the effects of the miraculous runs beyond the first century to our day. We are assured that this same divine help then is present for us in our current time of need. Put aside the greedy actions of dishonest peddlers of religion, consider Christ compassionate dealings with sinners.  Go to Christ in prayer and ask for cleansing of your sins and His matchless grace to help you start afresh as His disciple. See for yourself how a prayer soak life can make a difference in this world. A poem by Sandra Goodwin reminds us about the effectiveness of prayer that is felt beyond our own lives to that of others in places never before seen by any of us.

Last night I took a journey
To a land across the seas.
I didn’t go by ship or plane
I travelled on my knees.

I saw so many people there
In bondage to their sin,
And Jesus told me I should go,
That there were souls to win.

But I said “Jesus, I can’t go
To lands across the seas.”
He answered quickly, “Yes, you can
By travelling on your knees.”

He said, “You pray, I’ll meet the need.
You call, and I will hear.
It’s up to you to be concerned
For lost souls far and near.”

And so I did; knelt in prayer,
Gave up some hours of ease,
And with the Savior by my side,
I travelled on my knees.

As I prayed on, I saw souls saved
And twisted persons healed,
I saw God’s workers strength renewed
While labouring in the field.

I said, “Yes Lord, I’ll take the job.
Your heart I want to please.
I’ll heed Your call and swiftly go
By travelling on my knees.”

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