The Bible teaches that Christians should make every effort to enter into the finished work of Christ (see Heb 4:11). That does not mean that we are to work toward our salvation, but rather, it is about putting our faith in Christ alone for salvation and the fulfillment of His promises here and now and into the future. We are to cease from our own efforts to gain God’s approval, for Christ has appeased God’s wrath and met the demands of the law, whereas by faith we look to Christ for cleansing of our sins and for our every physical need, as well we look to that final rest that awaits us in heaven.

An inspiring example of this is found in the life of Samuel Morris. His tribal name in Liberia, West Africa, was Kaboo. His father was the chief of the tribe. At the young age of fourteen, Kaboo was taken captive by an enemy tribe. Kaboo was severely beaten and put through many sufferings before God miraculously set him free. Eventually Kaboo met a missionary who taught him the Bible. By then he changed his name to Samuel and, learning what he could from the missionary, decided to go to New York and hopefully attend Taylor University to learn more about the Bible. It seems that from the time of Samuel’s conversion to the point of his early death, Samuel was always trusting God for everything. Even on board ship where he was ill treated, he still remained gracious and firm in his faith, always speaking to others about God as His Father who would provide him with everything that he needed. Anyone who met Samuel would be deeply moved by his sense of peace and trust in God. When he started his studies at Taylor University, many of the students would stop often at his room to pray with him. Samuel was asked about how he felt about not being able to return to his people as a missionary to teach them the gospel, he was nearing his death due to a repertory infection, he replied that God had someone else better equipped than himself to perform the task and that he was happy to be going to heaven to be with His Father!

I am not sure how many Christians would react that way, if it appeared that they would never complete their life’s ambition. Probably not the same way that Samuel did. He was completely satisfied with God’s direction and provision for his life. Are we entering God’s rest or are we sort of wandering in the wilderness as it were, like the Israelites did, always complaining about not having enough or having been brought into the wilderness to die. Is it any wonder that in the book of Hebrews we are told to be diligent to enter that rest? This is done through faith in Christ alone. We may say that we have faith, but under careful scrutiny, we may find that our faith is in man, the Church, doctors, support groups, counselors, and society.

No doubt Samuel had tremendous faith. Even though things got worse before they got better, he was equal to the task and grew stronger in his perseverance, patience and faith. And while his commitment was unwavering, God honoured him for it. When Samuel died at the age of 20, several of Samuel’s classmates soon after graduation left for Liberia to minister to his people.

While the road ahead may look difficult, Christians are to persevere in their faith in Christ. We must not fail to obey God’s instructions and trust in His promises. Is there something in your life that you know God wants you to do, but you have not done because of fear or lack of faith? Seek His help and make every effort to enter into that rest by faith that God has for you. Be committed to a life of obedience and you will find out what Kaboo did.

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