A number of idioms, coined expressions, have made their way into our vernacular such as the new reality, millennialist, tracking, optics which describe the changes and developments that take place in everyday life. Inclusion is one of those common words often used in education, workplace and religion. When used, it most often points to the removal of restrictions and limitations in order to widen the acceptance of all groups to each other regardless of doctrine, disabilities cultural practices, or beliefs. This sounds idealic and even helpful except that it runs aground when certain realities are brought to bare.

To begin, the idea that all religions must be afforded equal weight and considered equally true in what is practised and believed should be seen as illogical and even dangerous to mankind. Religious pluralism teaches that there are many roads to God, and that no road can be said to be the exclusive one and all faiths hold to the same basic truths. While some may find this attractive, it is sorely removed from reality. Forced conversions in Muslim lands and their on-going efforts to spread their ideology across our globe through murderous means, and the swords of Hindus against any that leave their ranks are major examples of intolerance toward those who hold different views than their own.

While the idea of pluralism may have become quite popular to the dispossessed and vulnerable it may remain so only while they are dispossessed and vulnerable. Typically, when they grow more powerful, they become less concerned about everyone else having a voice or feeling and seek to dominate through intimidation and violence. In truth they need not really possess the virtue of “pluralism” just appear to support it until they reach their objective. Yet, there remains a far more essential matter that needs to be raised.

To do so, first let us go back to a couple of brothers who had made offerings to God. Abel chose to bring an animal sacrifice, the best he had from his herd, whereas Cain decided to be innovated and gave some of the crops in his field. Had you lived then, you could have guessed which offering would find acceptance based on what had taken place with their parents. God had provided animal skins as a covering for Adam and Eve which was designed to have them understand that the death of an animal necessitated a blood sacrifice. This lesson was not lost on Abel who sacrificed an animal from his herd, but Cain demonstrated a nebulous faith in that he rebelled and refused to do what pleased God, and choose instead to devise his own approach to God. God spoke to Cain about his wrong actions, appealing to him about doing what was right. Yet Cain responded in anger and jealousy, wandered even further from the presence of God by murdering his brother. God sent him away to be a fugitive, to live a useless life.

In many ways, Cain became the father of all false religion. Cain had acted unwisely by presupposing that God would accept his offering even though he knew that his brother’s sacrifice, the blood of an animal, was what he should have provided.

Today, a mindset similar to that of Cain exists. In our society, many maintain an attitude regarding the diversity of religious beliefs that they can co-exists and none are to be considered wrong. The idea is that God is going to accept any and all efforts regardless if they are in agreement to what He teaches about Himself from His Bible. Mankind acts as though God is at our beck and call. There is a particular designation in Jude 1:11 described as the “way of Cain”, that serves as a warning to us and refers back to Cain’s behavior. As Cain chose not to exercise faith in God by observing the proper way for worship, this One same God does not bow and conform Himself to the many different religious systems in existence who are not obedient to His Ways.

“You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3)

Due to God’s Greatness, our life’s response should be one of compliance to His Word. For each who have been given the exclusive right to become His child through Christ sacrifice, our indebtedness leads us to love and live in accordance to His commands. We are not to give up our inherited rights as Christians for the sake of finding religious unity in this world’s perilous schemes of thought toward God by remaining silent and adding to the growing confusion that exist about God. The truth is that you either endorse God’s Way or Cain’s.

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