Hidden treasure is something that we rarely come across in our lifetime. However, it does happen, and in 1998 a man by the name of James Hill found a small fortune on his family property, a cache of emeralds that he discovered in a cave, from which two of the best gems brought more than seven hundred thousand dollars on the market. This was a big haul worth millions and to think it was right in his own backyard!

Jesus speaks of a treasure that is unlimited and of immeasurable value. He offers two parables that both highlight found treasure. Both in story form underscore the fact that the treasure is invaluable. The first parable is about a man who finds a treasure in the field and hides it immediately then purchases the field at any cost to himself, as you can imagine, in order to own the treasure. And the second, is about pearls which a merchant sought and once he found a very valuable one sold everything to purchase it (Matt 13:44 -46).  When considered together these lessons teach the worth of God’s Kingdom and being earnest to be part of it. We should seek to enter it at any cost to ourselves. It is not hard to see why when you consider everlasting life and the joy of God’s presence in this life.

“’What is the true value of the things you treasure now” is the question you should ask yourself. We find out about an ageless truth that the more things we acquire the more time and energy we require to maintain them. How often do you hear about someone going to the cottage to work on it, or putting another coat of sealer on his patio or washing down a boat for the spring season? It seems everything needs some sort of maintenance and you wonder if keeping busy repairs and maintenance is what ownership is really all about instead of enjoying them for what they can offer. It matters little because in the end objects do not last, and many only bring temporary enjoyment. Only God can truly help you value the things in life that last and bring real meaning and contentment. That is why Jesus says that both men sold all they had to purchase the treasure. To delight in Christ and His salvation is what this life should be about and what brings lasting satisfaction. Jesus often spoke about the nature of His kingdom and how it can become ours.

Place your trust in Christ today and be granted new life and enjoy His rule in this life and the life to come forever.

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