There has been a noticeable shift in attitudes from generation to generation. The younger are more concerned about the here and now, and less about any future eternal realm. The following demographic time line list post World War II baby boomers, followed by, latchkey generation and today’s millennial generation. The millennials, whose expectations are to have career jobs and homes now, are not like the baby boomers who patiently worked for years before achieving these same goals. That is no longer the norm, nowadays. It may explain why the millennials are so well connected 92% own smartphones, social media use is at 85%; on average they are highly educated more so than those of my generation. Yet, that does not make them feel any more confident about life in general, since researchers found that millennials are less optimistic than those from people preceding generations. While early findings find characteristics, attitudes, economic outlook, taste in art and culture somewhat different than those from past generations, one thing that is very different is that today’s youths are far more pessimistic about life in general. The reason for this is that that Christian influence has waned considerably resulting in a “culture of despair”, which has supplanted what society once considered a promising future. Insofar as the existence of heaven and hell, God, and an afterlife, in our youth’s eyes, it is not much different than that from our own era: except what is not so surprising is that they are at variance as to what these realities really mean. When surveyed it becomes evident that their perspective about the existence of the supernatural features already mentioned has in many ways lost its way in their thinking and become slewed and twisted.   For a re-alignment of the facts about what lies ahead once this world is over, a careful examination of Christ teaching is the place to begin.   (The doctrine of future things is an immense subject and will require additional articles on this subject to make any sort of dent in our thinking.)

We will listen in on Christ who spoke a parable to a large gathering in Judea, in 1st century Palestine. Several thousand came to hear Him. As He often did, he chose a story with common recognizable features to teach the crowd. The core of His lesson that day was about His second coming and how we need to be in a state of preparedness. To do so, Jesus related a story about a servant who was watching for the arrival of his master.  The Master of the house was to return home from a wedding. His return was both imminent and unpredictable, which aptly illustrated the event of Christ own return sometime in the unforeseeable future.  The point of this story is for us to be ready for His second coming!  Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. (Luke 12:40)

Readiness implies action. Active involvement in preparing for His Return means to not only anticipate Christ’s coming, but being busy in the meantime,——- carrying out His Will!  Notice a few verses later these words. Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. Truly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all that he has.  vv. 43, 44

Clearly, Jesus intends to bless those who are in as state of preparedness on His return.   But what exactly are Christians to be engaged in while awaiting His second coming?   The answer is found in the previous section in which Jesus spake about seeking His Kingdom and providing for yourselves treasures in heaven vv.31 cf 34.

I have no way of knowing where you find yourself, whether you have considered your future in light of Christ return, or are even prepared for it. You can know you are on safe ground if you are actively building God’s kingdom, by the way you live, whether you witness, pray, and worship the true God, or if, you are an armchair theorist who enjoys to banter about such things on how the world will end with little more to base your notions upon, except your own ideas or that of another.  Lots of ideas are floating about on artificial intelligence, an alternate universe, or life in the dark nebula, somewhere in the clouds from what I can understand, but little to go on except it draws attention around the popular fads (often crazed ideas)  and treats them as highly credible. We should know that fiction has little to do with reality, even if we do find it entertaining.  Jesus is the source of all truth since He came from heaven.  He came on a rescue mission.  He came to save us from our sins, which you and I are guilty of.    He tells us that He will come again, and when He does that we need to be ready.  Are you really prepared for His return?   Only by trusting in Christ life-giving death on the cross of Calvary can you be.   Put your faith in Christ and turn from your sins.  Be ready for His Coming!

In two weeks: Having an eternal perspective changes everything!

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