Maybe, somewhere along the way you have had the pleasure of meeting someone who has reminded you about an imaginary figure from the past. Not a real person but a beloved character from a favorite book classic. A few years back my wife and I had met just such a person. At the time we first saw her she was only 14 years of age. Oddly enough, we spotted her from across the street of our home, chasing a black and white cat and after having caught up to it, promptly draped it over her shoulders and carried it off. It was not long after that she began a pet walking service of which we became one of her most loyal clients!

One day, I commented to my wife about how much she reminds us of Anne of Green Gables, a fictional character who possessed many traits, one of which was this huge capacity for words, to communicate at length with a flare and opulence not usually seen in youth her age. Well, that is what we discovered about our new found dog walker friend. A few days ago, while she spoke about her latest school assignment, she enthusiastically announced that that she would be ready to put on paper some of her thoughts for us. After all, our famous Anne of Green Gables was legendary for her writing prowess so it was only fitting that our young friend would volunteer to display some of those same skills. It took her a few moments to decide her topic but when she did, she announced that she would put in writing her reasons for going to church! I suppose she was prompted by the fact that she had been at our church before. She assured us that she would return within the hour with her assignment completed. “No reason to hurry” I told her — knowing that few can do what she had planned in that amount of time except for Anne of course — was I ever wrong! Before sixty minutes were up, the young lady triumphantly returned to our kitchen, almost to the exact spot where she had left us with paper in hand. Below is what she wrote:

I go to church for three reasons which are: entertainment, socializing, and the teaching of Scriptures. I like going because it brings me in a good mood on a gloomy Sunday, and allows me to have something to do aside from knitting/crocheting.

Last year (Dec 2015), I barely socialized. My biggest concerns were my schoolwork and cats. Then one day, my friend came to my door and asked me to come to a Christmas dinner with her. I accepted the offer and grew eager for the event. My experience was very intriguing and ever since then, I have been going with my friend to Pastor Denis’ Friday night youth meetings. Basically, what we do is play hockey in a park nearby, enjoy some board games, and learn something about the Scriptures. In time I began to grow more interested about going to church with Pastor Denis. He described to me what we would be doing there in the worship service, and asked if I was interested in going. I said “Sure! It would be a new change for me.” Ever since then, I have been going to church. What we do is learn from the Scriptures, sing and eat afterwards.

Q – What is your understanding about the gospel as it is taught from the Scriptures?

What is my understanding of salvation from Pastor Denis’ Church, Friday Nights and Thursday Nights at my friend’s house: Salvation is typically when one gets saved from their sins and enters the Kingdom of God. So many people argue over this fact, all with their own beliefs. Some Orthodox religions say they can save themselves by doing enough good things. Catholics say confess your sins to a Priest and you will be saved and Christians say that the true way to salvation is to accept Christ as your Savior. The choice is yours to believe what you want. The Bible says that there is a time where you must consider these things before you accept Christ.

Well, you might have observed from her words above some hidden talent. Or it may be that our glowing enthusiasm has spilled over in our assessment. One thing is for sure, the truth about salvation is something we must all think over and the many different ideas about it. You must consider these things in light of what your church teaches, or, if not attending anywhere, where you may wish to attend in the future. The Bible teaches that Christ alone is sufficient to meet our need for salvation.

“And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

Here at Emmanuel Baptist Church we wish for you and your family the best in the New Year.

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