About a year ago, I was writing my English exam and there was an interesting story. The story describes a professor who as a child, discovers a piece of glass from the mirror of a motorcycle that crashed during World War II . From that moment onward, he kept that piece of glass in his pocket, and his favourite thing to do with it was to angle the mirror in a way that allowed the sunlight to reach the darkest corners.

This story makes me think of how Christ uses his followers to shine his light to people outside of Christ who are in complete darkness. As followers of Christ, the bible tells us to spread the word to others, and to help them to see the light. It is our duty as Christians to evangelize to the world, and to be like that mirror that shined light in the darkest corners. Christ is the one who angles the mirror (which represents his followers) in the right way so that the world may see the light (which represents God).

Written by Krystan L. K.

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